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How would you describe your style?
As my photographic roots are strongly influenced by classic photojournalism, I care about natural moments and honest storytelling. I am not interested in wedding photography that reminds of lifestyle and fake glamor from advertising. For that I’m not the right photographer.

If children are playing in the dirt, I photograph them just like that. If you cry at the wedding, you definitely can see tears of joy in my photos. If the wedding cake falls down, I need to take a picture of it (has not happened yet). Real moments, real emotions, life in all its bright colors and facets.

Accordingly, my image processing is rather restrained, natural and timeless, because I believe that an Instagram filter or blur on the skin does not make a photo any better, takes its identity, distracts it from its actual history, and perhaps retrospectively in 20 years looks totally embarrassing. A wedding reportage is a very personal time document, an insight into one’s own past, into the here and now and into the future. That’s how I personally define wedding photojournalism for myself.

Do you also photograph internationally?
As destination wedding photographers we photograph weddings worldwide. We are based in Berlin, the capital of Germany. But as true photojournalist, our home is the whole world. Where you want to marry and have your personal story captured in pictures, there it will take us. We look forward to distant places, new people & foreign cultures. We speak your language. Our team members speak fluent German, English, Spanish, French and Polish.
How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer?
We have written this little guide for newlyweds to simplify the search for the perfect wedding photographer.
How is the preliminary discussion going?
Every wedding is always something new and exciting for us, but above all something very personal. Basically, we have a short phone call or Skype conversation to check if we fit together. If we realize that we are sympathetic to each other, I would like to meet with you for a preliminary talk. For this we can meet in a cozy cafe, you you visit me in my office or I come to your place.

Optionally, I offer an Engagement-Shooting where you can forget about the camera on your wedding day. For our very personal way of photographing weddings, it is important to me that Photographer & Wedding Couple both feel like they are forming a perfect team.

Why do you shoot only from 8 hours up?
We photograph real wedding reports, and this with absolute passion. For a short booking period which only includes the actual wedding I am not the right photographer for you. I want to document and tell your wedding in all its beauty and beautiful entirety. Ideal for this are 12 hours up, as you can also enjoy moments like the getting ready of Bride & Groom or the last dance. I also offer a multi-day documentary of your wedding.
Why to book a photographer team?
On request, we also photograph your wedding personally as a photographic team of 2 professional wedding photographers. The big advantage of this are two different photographic perspectives that perfectly complement each other in the end. As a team, it is also easier to document the Getting-Ready as it usually takes place in two different locations. In addition, we can act even less inconspicuous, since we do not have to move so much. As a team we tell your personal wedding story with even more hidden moments.
Who photographs our wedding?
Alex photographs your wedding individually or together with Frederik or Navina as a photography team. We always act as two full-fledged, professional photographers who document together your wedding day.
How many pictures do we get?
The number of pictures depends primarily on the booking duration and scope of your wedding. After my personal selection you will receive a minimum of 300 up to 500 fully edited images. If you hire us as a wedding photographer team you usually get a few more pictures up to 600.
In what form do we get the pictures?
You get your photos on a beautiful USB stick made of natural wood in a handmade linen box.

In addition, I upload all your photos in a password-protected online gallery. So you can easily share them with your guests. Isn’t that great?

Why don't you deliver raw data (RAW files)?
We want you to end up with a finished product. Raw Files are not yet “developed” images as they come from professional cameras. We basically do not deliver them because of our artistic claim to photography. Please understand this. If you do not like our editing style, you might be in better hands with another photographer.
Why don't we get all pictures?
An image selection is important and strengthens the narrative flow and rhythm of a story. In terms of good storytelling less is more. Also, we always edit your photos individually, which takes a lot of time. Basically, we do not hand over the pictures we have sorted out. In the end, our final selection includes all the beautiful conscious & unconscious moments and memories of your wedding day.
What about the usage rights?
Of course you get all pictures with usage rights for your free, private use without copy protection or watermarks in highest resolution as well as in web-resolution. However, an alienation of the image data and commercial use or sale of the images is prohibited. If other wedding service providers of your wedding ask for pictures, please contact us in advance.
How much does a wedding reportage cost?
Unlike many wedding photographers, we do not deliver a assembly line product. Every wedding reportage in its entirety is an artistic handcraft. We put a lot of time into the custom post-processing of every single picture. We make these decisions intuitively and always serve to reinforce an image statement – which is part of our photographic handwriting.

Many photographers work in the image processing with a so-called batch method. Similar images get the same editing preset. We edit our pictures by our own and do not outsource this job. We believe that you only get the highest quality when all steps of the artistic work are made by the artist himself. I take time for each photo, each image with the same importance & care. Of course, my favourite ones get an extra touch here and there – I have to admit sometimes I can lose track of time.

A typical wedding reportage usually includes 3-5 days pure working time for customer contact, photography, final selection, culling, image editing & export. I think a product that is made with love should be worth the effort. Contact me personally by mail or phone with the relevant information and I will send you a personal offer, which is tailored to your wedding.

What information do you need from us?
First of all we need to know your wedding date to check if we are still available on your wedding day. Please use our contact form to answer the basic questions.

– Who are you?
– When is the wedding?
– Where is the wedding?
– How long should we accompany you?
– How many guests do you have?

If you decide to hire us we need more precise information about your wedding:

– Schedule of your wedding day (possibly already with times)
– Length of the wedding party (possibly planned booking period)
– Place of the wedding (possibly also dressing room, make-up, hairdresser …)
– Form of the wedding (church or civil wedding)
– Thematic content (there is a wedding theme, color code …)
– Number of guests (important persons like parents / groomsmen)
– contact person (for any wedding surprises)
– How much time do I possibly have for couple photos
– What do you like most about my imagery?
– What symbolizes your love
– To which places do you have a special relation

How long do we have to wait for our pictures?
Quality takes time. Until I have finished the photos for a full-day wedding reportage, in the peak season from May to October it takes about 6-8 weeks. But at the end of the wedding season it can take a bit longer. Why so long? When I have photographed your wedding, I usually immediately load all the photos on my Mac and do a first raw selection of my favourite photos.

After the wedding day I usually need some temporal distance because such a wedding is always an emotional overstimulation for me. After a second image selection I begin with the elaborate image processing which can take several days.

In general I send you a small selection of my favourite pictures after 1 or 2 weeks.

How far in advance should we book you as a wedding photographer?
Many appointments on the weekends from May to October are often already booked out in the previous year or around the beginning of the year. The best way to contact us is as soon as your wedding date is fixed and you have confirmed the appointment for the registry office or the church.
How much time should we plan for the bridal couple photos?
It would be ideal, if you plan about 1 hour for the bridal couple photos. Do not worry, your guests can enjoy the wedding without you in time. After all, that also worked for the many weddings we were already allowed to attend.

Also, you should probably go with us alone, so that nothing distracts you from each other. We recommend as much tranquility as possible because you can literally see stress in the photos.

When is the best time for bridal couple photos?
Depending on the season and location, Sunrise & Sunset are the best times for couple photos. The famous Blue Hour is the time between dawn & the darkness of the night. It creates a beautiful contrast of colors from a rich dark blue of the sky and warm yellow and orange tones of lamps and candlelight. In midsummer, the low afternoon sun is preferable to the glaring midday sun. When I know the place and the date of your wedding, I can give you an recommendation for the best times using an app showing the position of the sun during the day.
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Why an Engagement-Shooting
An engagement session is the ideal way to get to know each other better before the wedding. It’s about feeling comfortable in the situation in front of the camera. Every person is different and I have developed a good sense of how to get people in front of the camera free and without fear. Because I believe that every person is photogenic.
How much time should we schedule?
A typical engagement session takes about 1 hour or more.
Which clothes are ideal?
I recommend you always to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. However, my style of photography focuses on people, their emotions, and the communication between them. Therefore, your clothes should not be too distracting. Bright colors like neon tones, too much jewelry, a thick wristwatch or a fitness tracker are distracting from the essentials. Also, a large handbag is impractical because it acts like a wall between both of you in the photos.
Further information about Engagement Photos
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Further information about After-Wedding Photos
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Further information about Couple Photos
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