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Family photography without kitsch and cliché
There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings.- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Everything about my philosophy of Documental Family Photojournalism is written in this quote. Parents and family are the basis for the identity of adolescent children, as are the roots of a growing tree. The older a child becomes, the more emancipated and takes the best out of his loving childhood for himself, at some point even pass on the family values ​​and love to his own children.

Authentic family reportage

We would like to capture these vivid everyday moments of your family with our camera. We would like to preserve these beautiful moments for you as family pictures with fair value forever. We believe natural family photos can not be created in the sterile photo studio, but only where you feel comfortable as a family. At the place where you live your personal family life, we photograph you quite informally. We take a lot of time for you. No boredom, no artificial poses and no cheesy studio props – our family photography on location is different. Whether at your home, in the garden or park around the corner, on holiday by the sea, on mountains, in forests or in meadows. In spring, autumn, summer or winter. Life has so many beautiful emotional moments that are worth being captured by a Spree-Liebe Family Photographer.

Family photography throughout Germany

We photograph in Berlin, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Hanover, Lower Saxony and for a full day family documentary also all over germany and wordwirde. Just write us an e-mail or call us.

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