Berlin Garden wedding in a Boathouse
Sarah ✿ Robert


Wedding Story

I lived 7 years in Berlin Schöneweide and I have never noticed this beautiful over 100 years old boathouse in the garden settlement Wilhelmstrand. Built around 1901, this historic wedding location, complete with garden and small ballroom, is something totally unique and just so wonderfully suited to the free wedding of Sarah and Robert.

But first, in turn, back to the beginning of this very personal free wedding. The Getting Ready for Sarah begins above the roofs in the shared attic apartment in Friedrichshain with the best friends, lots of sparkling wine and a good mood. Robert is very relaxed. Even as the tie hides from him, he proverbially preserves the Buddhist serenity. Looking out of the window, the sky appears in a mix of dark clouds and sunbeams. The weather forecast had already announced a colorful mix of everything. Good karma was the order of the day.

From the hectic inner city of Berlin, the wedding party with the bridegroom is now off with an old ferryboat in the green lung of the capital to Treptow to the old boathouse. But wait, where is the ship? There are people who panic when the schedule of a wedding gets confused. You can do a lot of planning, but there will be moments at every wedding where something is not going according to plan, and often these are the moments that you remember after many years. After a short delay we finally our boat trip along the Spree over the Rummelsburger bay to the boathouse. Sarah meanwhile picks up the dad from the nHow Hotel and accidentally sees Robert on the upper deck from a distance as a legionnaire-sized figurehead on the ship.

Wedding Infos

Ceremony & Wedding Venue: Boathouse Berlin | Ferry: Spreedampfer Berlin | Kuchen: The Tiny Cake Boutique | Wedding Speaker: Hendrik Zietz

Wedding Album

Wedding Venue

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